Poetry CV & Sampler

The American Journal of Nursing: “D&C Aftercare”

Books & Culture: “Ars Poetica”

The Christian Century: “Flames Like People” and “¿Preguntas?”

Christianity & Literature: “Opossum in Daylight,” “Lo & Behold: A Psalm,” and “Homily: Variation on a Sestina”

Crab Orchard Review: “Spectacle on the Susquehanna”

District Lit: “Trochees on a Space Mission”

The Evansville Review: “Voice of the Dung Beetle”

Every Day Poems (Tweetspeak Poetry): “Voice of the Dung Beetle,” “Being to Beijing,” “Thank You Note,” “Homily: Variation on a Sestina,” “Spectacle on the Susquehanna,” and “Selah

First Things: “Academic Dishonesty Policy”

Imago Dei: Poems from Christianity & Literature (Abilene Christian University Press, 2012): “Opossum in Daylight”

Keystone: Contemporary Poets on Pennsylvania (Penn State University Press, forthcoming 2025): “Glacier Pools Preserve”

Literary Mama (Birthing the Mother Writer Column): “No Poems,”

Mezzo Cammin: “Marvel,” “One Grand Oak,” / “Jacks,” “Doxology with Crow,” and “Haiku in Praise of the Water Chestnut”

The Mom Egg Review: “Milk Chant” and “Mystic Affection”

Mothers Always Write: Kairos: A Litany,” “Local Flooding,” “Gamâl,” and “What is Near?”

The New Formalist: “Cannonball” and “What the Widow Said to the Bride”

North American Review: “Bur Song”

The Penwood Review: “The Adulterer Visits the Museum” and “Paradiddle”

Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry: “Crown”

Relief: “Whistler”

Ruminate: “The Widow’s Lament in Autumn,” “C.S. Lewis Grieving,” and “Winter Garden”

St. Michael’s Online Exhibition of Poets and Artists Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic: “Crown”

Time of Singing: “Questions for Philip” and “Bell Tower Hymn”

Vineyards: A Journal of Christian Poetry: “After Britain” and “Descant on the 23rd Psalm”

Watershed: The Journal of the Susquehanna: “Late Autumn on Smith’s Knob,” “Barrel,” and “Lunar Eclipse”

The Windhover: “Baptism” and “Communion”